/ Sensory Thresholds III - Cosmographia Symposium / A-Dash, Athens, Greece



Cosmic phenomena have always been an inspiration to explore, research, imagine and create mythologies and stories in order to give meaning and context to our lives. As it unfolds, the interpretations and visualizations of the cosmos constitute spaces, give a notion of presence, communicate time. Moreover, it may trigger sensations of awareness or a shift in perspective, a mind-bending sense of placing oneself in the context of the idea of an expanding universe.

Cosmographia was initiated by Katherina Heil at the occasion of her artist in residency period at A-Dash in Athens in collaboration with Rik Möhlmann and PACTO artist collective.


Kyriaki Goni (artist, Athens/ GR)
Katherina Heil (artist, Rotterdam/ NL)
Rik Möhlmann (artist, Rotterdam/ NL)
PACTO artist collective (research group/ EU)
Daphne Politi (practice-based researcher, Athens/ GR)
Dimitris Rentoumis (artist, Athens/ GR)
Demelza Watts (artist, London/ UK)

PACTO’s contribution to the symposium was a workshop lead by members Daphne Politi and Demelza Watts. In the workshop we invited the participants to engage with touch and atmosphere, considering new climates on new worlds, using conversations and physical connection. Taking the participants through three stages of conversation, first as a pair, second multiplying into a group of four, and then finally as a group of eight. In each formation, they were asked to discuss different layers of a new potential universe. The first stage to imagine a new planet's atmosphere, climate, matter and general existence. The second stage to consider these planet’s societies, inhabitants and structures. The third and final stage to explore each of their planets and societal structures, forming them into a solar system.