PACTO x :pillow x MACAO
/milan, italy/


:pillow presents PACTO at MACAO Fanzine
by Giulia Ratti
and Alessandro Moroni

PACTO was originally meant to be a year-long project, consisting in three main group residencies  bringing all of the members together, one in September, one in January and one in July, plus one individual research project/residency for each member.

This was the third and final group residency, held in Macao, Milan, from the the 16th to the 26th of July, and curated by :pillow (Alessandro Moroni & Giulia Ratti).

The ten days of residency unfolded through many different activities, including workshops, a film screening, performances and a constantly ongoing dialogue on collective practice.

At the end of this experience, the members agreed that it was time for PACTO to become an autonomous collective, no longer temporary, and invited :pillow to join them as active members from then on.