In October 2017 PACTO was invited to facilitate a workshop during ‘The first 100% official unofficial alternative education open day’ organised by School of the Damned as part of Art Licks Weekend 2017. We took this opportunity to explore further how self organisation takes place, challenging the attendees to create a model for collaborative research. Based on the system we followed at the time, we split the audience into ‘sub-committees’ and assigned to each group a specific area of concern (funding, organisation and research), while also asked them to draw visual maps of their ideas with coloured pens. While the workshop was led by our members Warren and Sarah, other PACTO members did not reveal their identity but participated in the workshop as being the audience. At the end of the workshop all members revealed themselves and we facilitated a group discussion on the findings and ideas that came up through the session.

Other participants included:

Art & Critique



Turps Banana


School of the Damned