PACTO x Metaxu Books, Poster Project 
/tooting, south west london/


For the first two weeks of 2019, PACTO responded to a proposition set in advance of a collaboration with Metaxu books.

...the matter that we make between us…

What is Metaxu? What is it that PACTO is creating? How do we define the space between us as individuals bound together by ‘collective’ thinking? Is it a void? Or a void bridged by collaboratively built structures/infrastructures/institution? Is there residue of our ongoing negotiation and self definition in this space? How do we understand ourselves as a group? What are the gestures and movements that we make as we build together? Are we matter? Does it Matter? Do ghosts of our politics haunt the spaces that we work in together? How do these questions relate to our personal work/praxis? Why don’t these questions relate to my own personal work/praxis? How spooky are these political ghouls you mentioned? Are we building stuff? Or are we destructing stuff? Stuff? What is the matter that we make between us?

PACTO responded to this proposition visually creating a series of posters that were subsequently posted on a contested wall in Tooting, South West London. Each day a new poster was pasted to the wall, partially obscuring the one that went before, creating a layer of intervention in the space and in response to the questions posed.