PACTO x Croydon Arts Store
/croydon, uk/

Alessandro Moroni / Music for Malls

Giulia Ratti / Instagram Comic
Pedro Moreira / Instagram Comic
Daphne Politi / Instagram Comic


It’s Their Thought That Counts

Taking its title from the Whitgift Shopping Centres gift card slogan, ‘It’s their thought that counts’ is a week program designed by PACTO collective exploring the role that the shopping centre plays in communities and how it can be a space for sharing creative practice and creative thought. It is vital that we maintain, develop and create public spaces that are accessible and safe. What is the role of shopping centres in that area? How public are shopping centres? Are they spaces to linger and contemplate or are they simply facilities of consumption?

In the program at CAS, PACTO will be dissecting the shopping experience. Giulia Ratti’s Instagram-collaborative-comic will operate as a form of documentation of activities as PACTO and offer up a translation via comic shared on social media and within the space at CAS. Alessandro Moroni’s ‘music for malls’ looks at the atmosphere of retail, how does the soundscape effect the shopping experience? Kelly Lloyd will be in conversation with members of PACTO discussing the independent financial structures constructed by artists to ‘survive’ in the current financial climate. Video works by members and friends of PACTO will explore the objects themselves, the multitool, the carpet, the gameboy camera… As we consider also the online shopping experience we will be inviting in The Ped.Moreira Puppet an online digital incarnation of the artist Pedro Moreira to assist us during the week.