PACTO x Bark Residency
/athens, greece/

September 2017

Pacto started off in Athens in September 2017 at Bark Artist Residency. Bark is a new residency run by Daphne Politi aiming to provide artists with affordable accommodation in order to develop collaborative research while also engage with the socio-political identity of Athens.

Twelve out of Pacto’s sixteen members flew to Athens, with some of us having only met online, to co-habit for 10 days and explore our research question ‘what is communal negotiation of autonomy’.  The week was filled with workshops, roundtable discussions, visits to galleries, museums & historical sites, cooking and of course getting to know each other.

With Pacto being made up of a diverse group of artists, writers, researchers and producers, the workshops and discussions that took place offered a unique perspective on the central question and embodied a wide variety of approaches. We explored the relationship between languages of the military and the arts, used psychoanalytic thinking to investigate group dynamics and the economic realities of the arts, discussed public space and the impact of the Greek financial crisis through the lens of the pharmaceutical industry, the usefulness of gang mentality and how we can use art as a radical pedagogical tool for change, among others.

All members parted ways after an intense, but productive week, feeling wiser, tired but cheerful, and most of all very excited for our next meeting in Galicia the following March. After the residency Daphne became a member of Pacto, starting a tradition of inviting our hosts to join us as full members of the collective.