PACTO x 18 Malden Road
/london, uk/



In the last week of October, PACTO held an exhibition at 18 Malden road in Kentish Town. The exhibition set out to bring together work by the collectives members that asked, and posed responses to, the question 'How do groups learn?'The show was accompanied by a collection of essays by PACTO members and friends of the collective. The collection, 'How do groups learn?' bought together texts that sought to address the question directly and others that sought to speak to the myriad of additional enquiries that the question itself spawns.
What space is needed to allow individuals to bind together with other/s in a dynamic and empathetic learning exchange? How can the dissensus of communal negotiation be encouraged and embraced to allow learning that is understood beyond the limiting realms of skill exchange and knowledge banking? What can learning look like when the community is partially anonymous and encourage to be generous? What mechanisms are required to allow communal learning to take place? What effect does naming have on the process of learning? Can the means that groups learn by be understood better if we look historically at the project? What are the impacts of the shifting, and often undefined, languages have on group learning? What is the role of reflection?

PACTO also had the pleasure of hosting Metaxhu books, who launched there most recent press 'Sea Sex, a collection of poems by Jacques Baumgartner, alongside the show.