“What allows a truce to be achieved? How can individuals and communities negotiate towards equitous and mutually supportive co-existence?”

During Art Licks Weekend 2018 PACTO was invited by its sister collective MilesKm to participate in a seminar with other collective practices from London & across Europe, to discuss the ideas of ‘truce’ and ‘coexistence’, attempting to decipher what lines can be drawn between these groups, within a context shaped by the ongoing social & political crises.

Other participants included:

Evening Class is a self-organised learning environment where participants can cultivate common interests, develop research and collectively decide the class’s programme. Based in London.

:pillow is a soft and comfortable duo, composed by Alessandro Moroni & Giulia Ratti, making artists’ stay in the art world more pleasant. Based in Milan.

Cristina Vasilescu is a curator who has worked in different collectives, took part in Vessel Curatorial Workshop around the notion of para-institutionalism, organised a talk around infrastructures, love and practices of care in independent art spaces at the ICA, London and co-runs Clearview.